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360 Degree Models and The Gift – The Movie

Today, we’d like to give a plug to some friends of ours – the team behind The Gift, a movie that begins shooting in Hong Kong this weekend. The story is great – it’s Fall 2014 in Hong Kong and a 12-year-old boy just starting school here carries a gift from his father with him wherever he goes. One day, he is challenged to give it up and destroy it. Will he have the character it takes to learn the true value of his gift?

The film examines the love between father and his son, and explores themes of individuality and bullying – and 360 Degree Models is really happy to be supporting it. Brayden (we’ll be introducing him next week) plays Sammy, and Mark plays Fang. Jomari, Kaitlin, Joachim, Karan, Emmett (coming soon), Sophie M. and Charlene are also taking part in what promises to be a fantastic experience for our models and talent.

You can read all about The Gift on the website – and be sure to like the Facebook page. It’s also important to mention that this is a crowd-funded production – so if you’d like to support it, you can do so through this link.