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Casting in the park

Here’s a snap of four of our models at a casting call at Kowloon Park yesterday for a running themed print campaign – and because it was a new client, we showed up too to see how things were going. In the picture below, you can see Elektra, Hyomin, Joyce and Henry (Salem and Andy […]

What to expect at a casting…

A busy day today, so quite a late post – but this one is aimed at new models. We’ve mentioned before that, in any casting, you only have a short time to make a positive impression. And while America’s Next Top Model often paints quite an unrealistic picture of the world of modeling, here’s a […]

Open casting on February 22 and a new faces update

There’s another open casting for both male and female models this weekend, which is perfect timing as it’s been a great week for new clients and new partnerships. It’s probably the last one for a few weeks, so why not make the time to come and see us at our office in Discovery Bay on […]

A model’s guide to keeping a “head”

A couple of days ago, we shared a pamphlet from the British Fashion Council’s model education series (the pamphlet was on healthy eating, and you can find the post here). Today, we’d like to share another of their publications – and this one’s on keeping your “head”. What does that mean? Well, as every experienced […]

New faces casting at 360 Degree Models

It’s been a great week here at 360 Degree Models as we build up relationships with some great new and potential clients. And while we’ve been doing that, our scouts have been out and about scouring Hong Kong for new faces. If they haven’t found you yet, don’t worry – we’re holding new faces casting […]

What makes a fashion show (part 1) – the casting

Modeling 101 is a fantastic blog with lots of great information for both aspiring and experienced models – and that’s the source for this post. Here’s some highlights from the first part of a series written by the blog’s author, Dania Denise, on modeling in fashion shows. “Being in a fashion show is perhaps one […]

Preparing for your first casting call

If you’re a new model, that first casting call or two can be quite nerve-wracking. But casting calls are an essential part of the business. And in most cases, you’ll only have a few minutes to make the most positive impact you can (and, in some cases, all of those few minutes will be in front of a camera). To help you out, here’s a little advice..