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More Will

Yesterday, we showed you the new images of Gaspar from a recent shoot with China-based photographer Oliver Yoan and Hong Kong-based stylist Kenneth Wong. Today, we’re pleased to show you Will’s latest images (well, almost the latest… he was in a shoot for a French sports brand last Friday to huge amounts of praise from […]

More Gaspar

As people who work with us know, one of our aims is to find new faces and help them to develop into great models. Gaspar is one of those new faces and today we’d like to share with you some images from a recent shoot that he and Will did with China-based photographer Oliver Yoan, […]

Location, location, location

Two of our newest models, Will and Gaspar, spent the day on the sidewalks, intersections and rooftops of Kowloon with photographer Oliver Yoan and stylist Kenneth Wong (and in a piece of pure coincidence, once of those rooftops happened to be that of Sophie T’s apartment building). Here’s a look behind the scenes…