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Andy in GQ China

Open this month’s GQ China (May 2014) and you’ll see Andy making his first appearance, photographed by Gary Fu. It’s great for Andy and great for 360 Degree Models (if not for the dog he was photographed with on Shek-O Beach, who didn’t get his image out there!). We’re hoping that there’s more to come – and we already know there will be. Monique completed a cover shoot a couple of weeks back, Jessie an editorial last week, and our models are up for another cover and another editorial this week.

In the meantime, here’s Andy:



And if you’d like to work with Andy, or any of our models, contact us on

Good morning Andy

Andy had a great month last month. As well as a campaign for a global brand and an editorial for a major fashion magazine (booked through us) and a host of other projects, he also shot the McDonald’s commercial you can see below (in the interests of full disclosure, that was a direct booking and we had nothing to do with it – why not McDonald’s?). You can see Andy briefly at the start of the commercial at a location he returned to for his editorial.

And remember, if you’d like to work with Andy, please get in touch with us at

Andy and friend on location

Andy has been on his second job for us this week, for a new client – and this ia a great job. It will either be our first or second editorial, and today’s summer-themed shoot was for a major international fashion magazine.

I tracked down Andy and photographer Gary Fu (and the wonderful team from Stars Production House) to the first location, Shek-O (it’s something we like to do when we’re working with clients for the first time). And as you’ll see in the snaps below, Andy had a very special co-star on the shoot.

While Andy’s co-star was cute, it was great to hear Gary comment on Andy’s professionalism. And that means, I really should add this – if you’d like to work with a thoroughly professional male model adept at both fashion and commercial work (i.e. Andy, but also all of our other guys!), please get in touch with us at

You can see some of Andy’s images and videos on his introductory blog post. And here’s some behind-the-scenes snaps from the first two locations on today’s shoot.




Model on duty

Andy is in the studio today for a print ad for a global brand (through a global ad agency), working with the very talented Morning Chou. I went along to see how he was doing and for a bit of moral support (after all, it’s his first job for us), and heard how Andy has already impressed not only the ad agency in Hong Kong and but also their colleagues across Asia.

I can’t say much about the campaign until it launches in May, but I can show you a couple of snaps from behing the scenes…

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Introducing Andy

At the end of our busiest week yet, we’re really happy to introduce to you our newest male model, Andy. With just 6 months in Hong Kong, Andy is already making his mark and is building up a solid resume of commercial work. And, credit where credit’s due, we have Jasmine W. to thank for introducing him to us.

We’re excited to be working with Andy. In fact, he’s already been off to casting for us for a commercial print job for a multinational client – and we’re hoping that there will be even more ahead. For now, though, here’s a selection of his images (and a couple of videos).






Height: 184cm
Chest: 96cm
Waist: 77cm
Hips: 88cm
Suit: 48R
Shoes: 43 EU
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark brown

If you’d like to work with Andy, please get in touch with us at

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