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Natalie, Doyel and Salem for the Kely Spring Summer ’14 Collection

We’ve got a bit of a Kely Support Group theme going on this week (and there’s one more post tomorrow, to introduce Henry, who was part of their Fashion Show last weekend).

Today, we’d like to share with you the fantastic photos taken by Matryoshka for Kely’s look book featuring the wonderful designs from the students who were part of the “Seeing the Possibilities” program. The models are Natalie, Salem and Doyel (and we’ll be introducing Doyel very soon). But first, here are the credits:

Photography: Matryoshka @ Matryoshka
Models: Natalie B., Salem W. & Doyel D.
MUA: Hilary H.
Hair: Lyze D.










360 Degree Models at the Kely Support Group Fashion Show

The Kely Support Group does great work in Hong Kong with disadvantaged and minority youth – and 360 Degree Models was extremely proud last night to support the fantastic results of the very talented student who have been working hard over the past year on the Seeing The Possibilities program.

A bit of background on the program: As a way of broadening the vision of our youth, “Seeing the Possibilities” allows local and ethnic minority students to work with mentors within their own communities as a means to develop life goals together through fashion arts and event-planning training. Working hand-in-hand with role models from similar cultural background, the programme provides students with the opportunity to gain social network within the community and engages students in training sessions that are targeted at enhancing their capacities in the areas of self-awareness, goal-setting, event planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. By equipping students with these skills, this programme aims to motivate youth to set goals that are most suited to their needs and utilize these learned assets as the foundation to prepare for the bright future ahead.

The Spring / Summer 2014 collection launched last night was the result of a year of hard work – and we thoroughly enjoyed taking part taking part in the show last night. This week, we’ll be telling you more about the Kely Support Group’s work, and introducing some of our new faces (and experienced models) who have contributed their time and talent Seeing the Possibilities program. Today, though, here are a few snaps from last night’s show. In the pictures below, you can see AJ (who opened the show), Elektra (who closed it), together with Sophie, Charlene, Joyce, Henry and Denis.

Kely 1

Kely 2

Kely 3

Kely 4

Kely 5

Kely 7

Joachim, Elektra and Natalie – #modelonduty

A very busy day today for lots of reasons – but it was great to see Joachim begin the day modelling the Spring/Summer collection for our friends at Loom Loop, photographed by Patrick Shing Wong. He was followed in the afternoon by Elektra and Natalie.

Here are a couple of behind the scenes shots for Joachim and Elektra – and we’ll more fpr Natalie just as soon as we get them:




Introducing Lara

Today we’d like to introduce you to a brilliant new face, Lara. Lara was referred to us by Patrick Shing Wong (and we’ll be showing you his recent photos of Alba very soon) after a shoot he did with her – and we’re so glad that he did. (Funny story – he initially noticed Lara’s twin sister, who has no interest in modelling, but was surprised to find that there was someone who looked exactly like her that was interested!)

Lara is passionate about building her modelling career, and her initial shots demonstrate a tremendous amount of promise. Take a look:






Height: 170cm
Bust: 32″
Waist: 24″
Hips: 33″
Shoes: 38.5 EU
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green Brown

If you’d like to work with Lara, just get in touch with us at

And don’t forget to take a look at some of our other great models: Emmett, Karan, Jessie, Ilze, Jai, Natalie, Teerapat, Bronwyn, Wennie, Joachim, Sophie M., Charlene, Stephen, Andy, Emilie, Will, Jasmine W., Joyce, Kaitlin, Lotte, Sandra, Emma, Alice, Liam, Alessandro, Josephine, Stefan, Gaspar, Adji, Louis, Salem, Deborah, Sydney, Adam, Oriane, Monique, Mercedes, Alba, Tyler, Jomari, Max, Sophie T., Ben, Elektra, and Sasha.

AJ, Joyce and advice for the perfect runway walk

A couple of weeks back, AJ stepped up as our runway coach to prepare Joyce for her first ever fashion show (and he’s be doing it again this weekend as Sophie M., Charlene and one of our newest models, Denis, prepare for their first show). That’s the great thing about a seaside promenade right outside the office – it can also double as a great runway.

AJ has one of the best runway walks you’ve ever seen and, with AJ’s fantastic coaching, Joyce had a great first show (our client was very pleased!). So, here are some snaps from Joyce’s first coaching session together with some great advice from Dania Denise on Modeling 101 on mastering that perfect runway walk:

photo 2

1. Posture: Anytime you set foot on that runway, your whole body needs to be straight (although not so stiff that you look end up walking and looking like a robot). Keep your chin tilted down slightly – the audience generally sits below you during a runway show and you don’t want them looking up your nose the entire time.

2. Eyes: Keep them focused straight ahead and don’t let your eyes wander all over the place – and don’t look down. The exception to this is when you reach the end of the runway and do your pose – then it’s okay to let your eyes slightly look down and make contact with the audience (after you’ve got your photo!). But do this without your whole head looking down – limit it to the eyes.

photo 3

3. Mouth: Keep it natural – it’s not a beauty pageant. So, keep your mouth closed, relax your lips and be natural, whether you need to have a sexy smirk or no smile at all (depending on the vision for the show). Learn to relax your lips and you’ll be fine.

4. Arms and hands: Your arms should sway naturally as you walk but don’t swing them too much. Keep your arms close to your body so that only your lower arms sway. Your hands and fingers should be relaxed. Don’t clench them up or curl them up in any way. This makes for bad photos – you don’t want to look like you’re missing a couple of fingers. Keep your hands open and your fingers as straight as you can get them without it looking unnatural.

5. Shoulders: Your shoulders should always stay steady and shouldn’t bounce or dip as you walk. Keep your shoulders still.


6. Your stride: To enhance your walk, you’ll need to take longer strides than you normally would (but don’t overdo it). But, remember, in a fashion show, the walk is paced in a certain way so that all the models have a steady tempo to walk to. If you ruin that tempo, it throws everyone off. Place each foot in front of the other as opposed to side-by-side when you normally walk. As you place each foot down in front of the other, allow your hips to sway naturally.

7. Confidence and attitude: It shows in your walk – and when you have it, it comes through in an amazing way that the best runway models possess. It’s something that shines through whenever AJ is on the runway.

8. Pose: In addition to walking down the runway, there is also your time to shine when you reach the end of the catwalk and pose for photographers. It is easy to get caught up in the moment and only spend a few seconds in that spot before walking back but remember, this is not only the time to show off the designer’s clothes to the audience, but for you to get great images for your portfolio. Photographers can’t get a good shot if you’re barely still once you reach the end of the catwalk. When you reach the end of the runway, strike your pose and do a 3-5 second count in your head. Do the same for your second pose if that’s part of the show. This should be more than enough time for photographers to get a handful of images of you that are not blurry, show off the outfit and still keep with the pace of the show.

photo 4

And remember, if you’d like to book AJ or Joyce or any of our models, please get in touch at

360 Degree Models and The Gift – The Movie

Today, we’d like to give a plug to some friends of ours – the team behind The Gift, a movie that begins shooting in Hong Kong this weekend. The story is great – it’s Fall 2014 in Hong Kong and a 12-year-old boy just starting school here carries a gift from his father with him wherever he goes. One day, he is challenged to give it up and destroy it. Will he have the character it takes to learn the true value of his gift?

The film examines the love between father and his son, and explores themes of individuality and bullying – and 360 Degree Models is really happy to be supporting it. Brayden (we’ll be introducing him next week) plays Sammy, and Mark plays Fang. Jomari, Kaitlin, Joachim, Karan, Emmett (coming soon), Sophie M. and Charlene are also taking part in what promises to be a fantastic experience for our models and talent.

You can read all about The Gift on the website – and be sure to like the Facebook page. It’s also important to mention that this is a crowd-funded production – so if you’d like to support it, you can do so through this link.


Become the New Face of M.O.P.S. Amsterdam

A bit of promotion today for some good friends of 360 Degree Models.

M.O.P.S. Amsterdam, an international accessory brand, is looking for the new face of the brand. All you have to do is upload your photo – and the winner will be whoever gets the most likes. And the prizes are great!

- A campaign with a renowned photographer and a hair and makeup team from the Netherlands
- A fashion video for M.O.P.S. Amsterdam
- A personal, one-of-a-kind bracelet watch

There are also great prizes for runners up.

The details are below, and you can find enter at:


360 Degree Models for #reallinerhk

We were going to post about a new face today (sorry, Karan, tomorrow!), but instead, here are a couple of pictures from the Benefit Cosmetics #reallinerhk launch at Pier 8 today, where Alice, Sydney, Alba, Jai, and Terence (our newest model) are all working hard!

It’s a great event – and thanks to Davena and Yasmin (and the Benefit Cosmetics team) for letting us be a part of it! And, just below, there’s a product shot that shows just what the event was all about!

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

360 Degree Models in every direction!

A little late posting today, but for a great reason. Our models were everywhere you looked tonight at the CITA/University of Middlesex Graduation Exhibition (and, by the way, congratulations to Aanchal, Kenneth and Jazika!).

There was some wonderful work tonight by Alice, Oriane, Sandra, Sydney, Elektra and Alba as they walked in the fashion show that presented the work of a very talented group of up-and-coming designers. And our models weren’t just in the show – they were also blown up and larger than life in some great images hung around the room – and you can see Alba, Wennie, Bronwyn and Sydney in the images below.









More Monique

Here’s a beautiful new shot of Monique taken for us by Kin Lo. And there’s more of Monique on the way as we eagerly await the next edition of Mink magazine with Monique on the cover, photographed by Marion Tessier.


And don’t forget, if you’d like to work with Monique, please get in touch with us at