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Joachim, Elektra and Natalie – #modelonduty

A very busy day today for lots of reasons – but it was great to see Joachim begin the day modelling the Spring/Summer collection for our friends at Loom Loop, photographed by Patrick Shing Wong. He was followed in the afternoon by Elektra and Natalie.

Here are a couple of behind the scenes shots for Joachim and Elektra – and we’ll more fpr Natalie just as soon as we get them:




360 Degree Models and The Gift – The Movie

Today, we’d like to give a plug to some friends of ours – the team behind The Gift, a movie that begins shooting in Hong Kong this weekend. The story is great – it’s Fall 2014 in Hong Kong and a 12-year-old boy just starting school here carries a gift from his father with him wherever he goes. One day, he is challenged to give it up and destroy it. Will he have the character it takes to learn the true value of his gift?

The film examines the love between father and his son, and explores themes of individuality and bullying – and 360 Degree Models is really happy to be supporting it. Brayden (we’ll be introducing him next week) plays Sammy, and Mark plays Fang. Jomari, Kaitlin, Joachim, Karan, Emmett (coming soon), Sophie M. and Charlene are also taking part in what promises to be a fantastic experience for our models and talent.

You can read all about The Gift on the website – and be sure to like the Facebook page. It’s also important to mention that this is a crowd-funded production – so if you’d like to support it, you can do so through this link.


Our new faces for the Academy Of Design

It’s great to see four of our new faces, Joachim, Sophie M., Wennie and Emmett (who we’ll be launching soon), on the website and Facebook page for the Academy of Design.

The Academy of Design (AOD) is a specialized institute focusing on fashion courses. It has an exciting range of courses and you can find out all about them at And be sure to like the AOD Facebook page as well!

The images were shot by the wonderful Matryoshka, with Krishna K. @ K² Beauty & Makeup on makeup. You can see the images on the site, but here they are below as well:

about us - students

about us - facilities

about us - our mission

about us - overview

about us - school concept

slideshow 2v2

homepage - cultural diversity

Introducing Joachim

Lots of travel (that included a great meeting with the Premier Models team in London) and a bad bout of the flu has slowed down the updates over the last week – but there’s still a lot going on, including 7 of our models in casting today.

Today, though it’s our great pleasure to introduce our newest exclusive male model, Joachim. Originally from Denmark, and from a family that has its own fashion label, Joachim is a welcome addition to our roster (and has already been booked into a job later this week). Here’s a selection of his test shots, taken again by the amazing Matryoshka.






Height: 180cm
Chest: 86cm
Waist: 72cm
Hips: 87.5cm
Shoes: 42 EU
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue-green

If you’d like to work with Joachim, please get in touch with us at

And don’t forget to take a look at some of our other great models: Sophie M., Charlene, Stephen, Andy, Emilie, Will, Jasmine W., Joyce, Kaitlin, Lotte, Sandra, Emma, Alice, Liam, Alessandro, Josephine, Stefan, Gaspar, Adji, Louis, Salem, Deborah, Sydney, Adam, Oriane, Monique, Mercedes, Alba, Tyler, Jomari, Max, Sophie T., Ben, Elektra, and Sasha.

Models in the studio

Lots of studio and location shooting for our models this week – and it’s continued over the weekend. Yesterday, Salem and Josephine were working with Wallace Leung and Jason Bello, respectively. Today, two of our new faces, Joachim and Wennie are working with Matryoshka. Here’s a little look behind the scenes from today’s shoots…



And I’ve also just seen the almost final results of Charlene and Sophie M.’s first shoot. Can’t wait to show them to you!