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360 Degree Models at the Kely Support Group Fashion Show

The Kely Support Group does great work in Hong Kong with disadvantaged and minority youth – and 360 Degree Models was extremely proud last night to support the fantastic results of the very talented student who have been working hard over the past year on the Seeing The Possibilities program.

A bit of background on the program: As a way of broadening the vision of our youth, “Seeing the Possibilities” allows local and ethnic minority students to work with mentors within their own communities as a means to develop life goals together through fashion arts and event-planning training. Working hand-in-hand with role models from similar cultural background, the programme provides students with the opportunity to gain social network within the community and engages students in training sessions that are targeted at enhancing their capacities in the areas of self-awareness, goal-setting, event planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. By equipping students with these skills, this programme aims to motivate youth to set goals that are most suited to their needs and utilize these learned assets as the foundation to prepare for the bright future ahead.

The Spring / Summer 2014 collection launched last night was the result of a year of hard work – and we thoroughly enjoyed taking part taking part in the show last night. This week, we’ll be telling you more about the Kely Support Group’s work, and introducing some of our new faces (and experienced models) who have contributed their time and talent Seeing the Possibilities program. Today, though, here are a few snaps from last night’s show. In the pictures below, you can see AJ (who opened the show), Elektra (who closed it), together with Sophie, Charlene, Joyce, Henry and Denis.

Kely 1

Kely 2

Kely 3

Kely 4

Kely 5

Kely 7

AJ, Joyce and advice for the perfect runway walk

A couple of weeks back, AJ stepped up as our runway coach to prepare Joyce for her first ever fashion show (and he’s be doing it again this weekend as Sophie M., Charlene and one of our newest models, Denis, prepare for their first show). That’s the great thing about a seaside promenade right outside the office – it can also double as a great runway.

AJ has one of the best runway walks you’ve ever seen and, with AJ’s fantastic coaching, Joyce had a great first show (our client was very pleased!). So, here are some snaps from Joyce’s first coaching session together with some great advice from Dania Denise on Modeling 101 on mastering that perfect runway walk:

photo 2

1. Posture: Anytime you set foot on that runway, your whole body needs to be straight (although not so stiff that you look end up walking and looking like a robot). Keep your chin tilted down slightly – the audience generally sits below you during a runway show and you don’t want them looking up your nose the entire time.

2. Eyes: Keep them focused straight ahead and don’t let your eyes wander all over the place – and don’t look down. The exception to this is when you reach the end of the runway and do your pose – then it’s okay to let your eyes slightly look down and make contact with the audience (after you’ve got your photo!). But do this without your whole head looking down – limit it to the eyes.

photo 3

3. Mouth: Keep it natural – it’s not a beauty pageant. So, keep your mouth closed, relax your lips and be natural, whether you need to have a sexy smirk or no smile at all (depending on the vision for the show). Learn to relax your lips and you’ll be fine.

4. Arms and hands: Your arms should sway naturally as you walk but don’t swing them too much. Keep your arms close to your body so that only your lower arms sway. Your hands and fingers should be relaxed. Don’t clench them up or curl them up in any way. This makes for bad photos – you don’t want to look like you’re missing a couple of fingers. Keep your hands open and your fingers as straight as you can get them without it looking unnatural.

5. Shoulders: Your shoulders should always stay steady and shouldn’t bounce or dip as you walk. Keep your shoulders still.


6. Your stride: To enhance your walk, you’ll need to take longer strides than you normally would (but don’t overdo it). But, remember, in a fashion show, the walk is paced in a certain way so that all the models have a steady tempo to walk to. If you ruin that tempo, it throws everyone off. Place each foot in front of the other as opposed to side-by-side when you normally walk. As you place each foot down in front of the other, allow your hips to sway naturally.

7. Confidence and attitude: It shows in your walk – and when you have it, it comes through in an amazing way that the best runway models possess. It’s something that shines through whenever AJ is on the runway.

8. Pose: In addition to walking down the runway, there is also your time to shine when you reach the end of the catwalk and pose for photographers. It is easy to get caught up in the moment and only spend a few seconds in that spot before walking back but remember, this is not only the time to show off the designer’s clothes to the audience, but for you to get great images for your portfolio. Photographers can’t get a good shot if you’re barely still once you reach the end of the catwalk. When you reach the end of the runway, strike your pose and do a 3-5 second count in your head. Do the same for your second pose if that’s part of the show. This should be more than enough time for photographers to get a handful of images of you that are not blurry, show off the outfit and still keep with the pace of the show.

photo 4

And remember, if you’d like to book AJ or Joyce or any of our models, please get in touch at

Casting in the park

Here’s a snap of four of our models at a casting call at Kowloon Park yesterday for a running themed print campaign – and because it was a new client, we showed up too to see how things were going.

In the picture below, you can see Elektra, Hyomin, Joyce and Henry (Salem and Andy were also around). An unusual casting, it tested the ability of all the models there to look great and run beautifully at the same time – and that’s much harder than you might think! Casting continues today, with more of our models seeing whether they make the final selection.


We’ll be officially launching Henry and Hyomin in the coming weeks.

Introducing Joyce

Today, we’d like to introduce you to our newest model, Joyce. Joyce was a runner-up in last year’s Jessica Code modeling contest and is now beginning to build her experience in front of the camera. Tall, slim and beautiful with a winning personality, we believe she has tremendous potential (and we’ll be working with her over the next few months to help her build on it)!

For now, we’d like to share with you a selection of her recent shots, taken by Andrea Pun.





Height: 174 cm
Bust: 82 cm
Waist: 64 cm
Hips: 87 cm
Shoes: 38.5 EU
Hair: Darkn brown
Eyes: Brown

If you’d like to work with Joyce, please get in touch with us at

And don’t forget to take a look at some of our other great models: Lotte, Sandra, Emma, Alice, Liam, Alessandro, Josephine, Stefan, Gaspar, Adji, Louis, Salem, Deborah, Sydney, Adam, Oriane, Monique, Mercedes, Alba, Tyler, Jomari, Max, Sophie, Ben, Kaitlin, Elektra, and Sasha.

Open casting on February 22 and a new faces update

There’s another open casting for both male and female models this weekend, which is perfect timing as it’s been a great week for new clients and new partnerships. It’s probably the last one for a few weeks, so why not make the time to come and see us at our office in Discovery Bay on Saturday, 22 February between 1pm and 5pm. You can also say “Happy Birthday” to Stuart at the same time! It will be the last open call until the second half of March and, as it already looks like being a busy afternoon, please contact us to let us know you’re coming (and send some shots in ahead of time). You can find the office location on the “Contact Us” page and the details of what you should send in on our “Become a Model” page.


So, what happens next? If you’re an experienced model, we’ll prepare your agency comp card (it’s like a model business card) and begin introducing you to our clients and potential clients. If you’re what the industry calls a “new face”, your development period begins. That means test shoots with some great photographers to give you practice in front of the camera – and we even have a runway coach who can prepare you for walking in fashion shows. We’ll also give you advice on styling and managing yourself on social media – and none of this will cost you anything (after all, a good modeling agency only makes money if it finds work for its models). The development period varies from person to person, and you may not appear on the client board right away – but when you’re ready, we’ll certainly be telling everyone we can about you!

Two brilliant Asian models, Will and Joyce, are just about ready to launch, we’re waiting to see the final results of the great new shots for Ben and Kaitlin, and we’ve just booked 6 more new faces into test shoots in early March. And Min, Wing and I are out and about scouting for potential models all the time – so whether you’re a client or a model or someone who’s interested in being a model, it’s well worth getting in touch with us!

This week at 360 Degree Models

Another busy week here at 360 Degree Models that began with a request for the comp cards of 7 of our models (three male models and 4 female models) by a very large company we’ve been hoping to be able to work with. We’ve also been discussing an exciting collaboration with a well-known Hong Kong photographer, scheduling test shoots for a number of our models to build their portfolios, talking to three great experienced models who’ll be working with us, meeting with new clients/partners, building up the model portfolios on our site, and waiting anxiously to be able to show you the results of Will, Ben, Kaitlin’s and Joyce’s shoots from last weekend – and, of course, our models continue to deliver great results for our clients (with Monique’s beauty helping us to win a new client!).

We’re still getting ready to present our new faces to you (Will, A.J., Joyce, J.P., Lotte and Karan among them) and we have a number of others that are in development. And, if you’d like to work with us, don’t forget about our open castings this Saturday and next at our office in Discovery Bay from 2pm – 5pm. Email or call us to let us know if you’re coming.

Finally, Happy Valentine’s Day to all our clients, models, and all those people who visit this site every day!


Models in the studio…

We’ve been in the studio this weekend, getting more shots for Ben and Kaitlin, and getting ready to launch our two newest Asian models, Will and Joyce.

Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes at Will’s test shoot earlier today – and when you see the final results, I promise you that you’ll be blown away…


This week at 360 Degree Models

In the last few days, we’ve introduced you to Gaspar, Adji, Stefan and Louis – and there are more fantastic new and experienced models on the way in the next week or so. As you’ll have seen, we represent models of all cultural backgrounds – in fact, the cultural diversity on our model board is something we’re quite proud of.

A number of our models are shooting this week: Sydney is already doing a great job of keeping our newest client well ahead of its shooting schedule (well done, Sydney!), Ben and one of our newest Asian male models, Will (we’ll introduce him to you very soon), are getting ready for a shoot styled by the amazing Kenneth Wong (one of Hong kong’s top fashion stylists); Elektra, Salem, Kaitlin and another new Asian model, Joyce, will also be in front of the cameras in the next few days; and Louis is up for a movie role. We’re also wishing Sophie well for a lookbook casting today.

Our website adjustments have all been completed, and we’re in the process of uploading images to the individual model pages – they’ll be appearing gradually over the next week, so please be patient. You’ll be able to see the portfolios of all of our models very soon.

Finally, open casting this month is on Saturday February 15 and Saturday February 22 from 2pm – 5pm, so please get in touch if you think you have modeling potential. We already have a long list of people to see, so let us know through if you’re planning to come in, and we’ll let you know the best time.

And to finish off, here’s a picture of Sydney - and make sure you take a look at her introduction post, if you haven’t seen it yet.


Tips for packing your wardrobe for a photo shoot

Joyce and Will, two of our new and as yet unseen models, are heading off to test shoots this week, and Ben, Kaitlin, Elektra, Salem and Sydney will also be spending time in front of the camera. That means it’s a good time to share some advice on packing wardrobe for a shoot.

While paid shoots will generally have wardrobe to spare, models will usually need to pack their own wardrobe for test shoots. And sometimes, even on paid shoots, models will be asked to bring “supplemental items” (as was the case with Tyler last week). Whatever it is that you need to bring along, the bottom line is this – if you want to make sure you look your best, packing properly is essential.


The most important thing to remember is to never toss all of your clothes, shoes and accessories into a backpack (male models are usually more prone to this than female models). Doing this is likely to mean wrinkled clothes and difficulty in finding what you need. And there’s no guarantee that there’ll be a steamer available to get rid of the wrinkles.

So, here are some items that are worth investing in:

1. A Hanging Garment Bag – you can keep your clothes on a hanger, which decreases the chances of them getting wrinkled. Make sure to write your name on your garment bags as well so that it is easily recognizable.

2. Tote Bag - These come in a variety of sizes and are ideal for transporting small wardrobe options that you don’t mind getting wrinkled, like swimsuits. They’re also great for housing your accessories/jewelry and change of underwear.

3. Small Rolling Suitcase – great for transporting shoes! A rolling suitcase that is small enough to hold several pairs of shoes is great when heading to and from locations – and it avoids putting your shoes into contact with your clothing, which could result in stains.

4. Regular Luggage Suitcase – better than a backpack, but not by much: you still need to fold your clothes, which means getting wrinkles. But if this is all you have available in the meantime, it will help keep your clothes in one place and stop them from getting dirty or mixed up with other people’s things.

Source: Modeling 101 – A Model’s Diary