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Models in the studio

Lots of studio and location shooting for our models this week – and it’s continued over the weekend. Yesterday, Salem and Josephine were working with Wallace Leung and Jason Bello, respectively. Today, two of our new faces, Joachim and Wennie are working with Matryoshka. Here’s a little look behind the scenes from today’s shoots…



And I’ve also just seen the almost final results of Charlene and Sophie M.’s first shoot. Can’t wait to show them to you!

Introducing Will

Over the past few days, we’ve been giving you a sneak peek at a couple of Will’s amazing shots (taken by UK-based photographer Charl Marais with styling by Hong Kong’s very own Kenneth Wong) and we’ve had a great response. Finally, it’s time to introduce Will – a university student from Hong Kong who also has a drama background. It’s that drama background that helped him deliver exactly what Charl was looking for in this shoot. In fact, Charl described Will as a very “giving” model, which made him fantastic to work with.

So, without further ado, here’s Will…


Height: 187 cm
Chest: 94 cm
Waist: 78 cm
Hips: 99 cm
Shoes: 45 EU
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark brown

If you’d like to work with Will (and you know you want to!), please get in touch with us at

And don’t forget to take a look at some of our other great models: Jasmine W., Joyce, Kaitlin, Lotte, Sandra, Emma, Alice, Liam, Alessandro, Josephine, Stefan, Gaspar, Adji, Louis, Salem, Deborah, Sydney, Adam, Oriane, Monique, Mercedes, Alba, Tyler, Jomari, Max, Sophie T., Ben, Elektra, and Sasha.

More Ben – part 2

On Saturday, we showed you some great images of Ben shot by Charls Marais and styled by Kenneth Wong, and here are a few more. We’re really proud of how well Ben is doing and, based on comments and queries from clients, we have no doubt that Ben has a great modeling career ahead of him.

You can see Ben’s portfolio here - and if you’d like to work with Ben and find out just what a great model he is, please get in touch with us at





Models in the studio again

Our two newest girls, sisters Sophie and Charlene Marrie, are in the studio today with the wonderful Matryoshka and team – and in casting later this afternoon. You’ll be seeing more of them in the next few weeks but, in the meantime, here’s a look behind the scenes…


More Ben – part 1

As you may already have seen on our Instagram account (@360degreemodels), we have some great new images of Ben shot by brilliant UK-based photographer Charl Marais and styled by the amazing Kenneth Wong. Here are just a few of them, with more coming next week.







You can see more of Ben on his portfolio page – and if you’re interested in booking Ben, just email us on

Open casting on February 22 and a new faces update

There’s another open casting for both male and female models this weekend, which is perfect timing as it’s been a great week for new clients and new partnerships. It’s probably the last one for a few weeks, so why not make the time to come and see us at our office in Discovery Bay on Saturday, 22 February between 1pm and 5pm. You can also say “Happy Birthday” to Stuart at the same time! It will be the last open call until the second half of March and, as it already looks like being a busy afternoon, please contact us to let us know you’re coming (and send some shots in ahead of time). You can find the office location on the “Contact Us” page and the details of what you should send in on our “Become a Model” page.


So, what happens next? If you’re an experienced model, we’ll prepare your agency comp card (it’s like a model business card) and begin introducing you to our clients and potential clients. If you’re what the industry calls a “new face”, your development period begins. That means test shoots with some great photographers to give you practice in front of the camera – and we even have a runway coach who can prepare you for walking in fashion shows. We’ll also give you advice on styling and managing yourself on social media – and none of this will cost you anything (after all, a good modeling agency only makes money if it finds work for its models). The development period varies from person to person, and you may not appear on the client board right away – but when you’re ready, we’ll certainly be telling everyone we can about you!

Two brilliant Asian models, Will and Joyce, are just about ready to launch, we’re waiting to see the final results of the great new shots for Ben and Kaitlin, and we’ve just booked 6 more new faces into test shoots in early March. And Min, Wing and I are out and about scouting for potential models all the time – so whether you’re a client or a model or someone who’s interested in being a model, it’s well worth getting in touch with us!

Introducing Jomari

As we hit the first weekend of 2014, we’d like to introduce you to another of our guys – Jomari. Jomari is one of our commercial models and, although new to modeling, is brilliant at taking direction (as we discovered at his test shoot).







Height: 166 cm
Chest: 81 cm
Waist: 68 cm
Hips: 86 cm
Shoes: 9.5 US
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

If you’re interested in booking Jomari, please contact us on And don’t forget to take a look at some of our other great models: Max, Sophie, Ben, Kaitlin, Elektra, and Sasha.

This week at 360 Degree Models

It’s an exciting week for us here at 360 Degree Models. Our first group of new faces are heading off to a test shoot with Kirk Cheung and Lisa Chan (with our second group heading off next Wednesday). And that means – next week we’ll be able to begin showing you a selection of our exclusive new models.

This week, we’ve also talked to two experienced models from the UK and France, who will be working with us in 2014. We’ll tell you more about that in the next week or so as well.

Can’t wait!