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Tips for models preparing for beauty shoots

It’s a while since we’ve done an advice post, so here’s one on preparing for a beauty shoot. It comes about following Monique’s beauty shoot with Kin Lo last week and just before her cover shoot tomorrow (more on that soon).

Beauty work places some additional demands on models, makeup artists and photographers. The hair and makeup work is naturally more intricate and the relationship between the model and the camera is even more important than for shoots of other kinds. As a model, it’s important to be able to emote. Cold, dead eyes look even colder and deader under the sharp focus of a beauty image – and no amount of Photoshop skills can add emotions to a model’s face. If you’ve never done a beauty shoot before, it’s worth practicing in front of the mirror at home.

Liu Wen - Estee Lauder, Spring Summer 2012

Here are a few more tips:

1. Always be on time: – and, in fact, be early. There’s so much more to do before you get in front of the camera – and hair and makeup for a beauty shoot takes so much longer!

2. Wear clear nail polish – unless otherwise required for the shoot. Even if she has nice manicure, the color and style will not necessarily match the style of your shoot, and if the makeup artist doesn’t have nail polish remover in her/his kit there will be some extra post-processing time and costs involved.

3. Make sure your hair is clean - and don’t put product in it.

4. Look after your lips – apply lip softener to prevent them from chapping, especially before a close-up beauty photo shoot.

5. Remove body hair – when you’re shooting close-up beauty images, any hair on arms and legs will be visible in studio or outdoors in most situations, no matter where the light sources are placed. It’s not the easiest task to remove body hair in Photoshop and it may be pretty time-consuming. The applies to any upper lip hair, which should be taken care of a couple of days in advance to avoid skin irritation.

6. Groom your eyebrows – this should be done within a few days before the shoot, especially if it’s close-up beauty.

7. Bring nude underwear and a strapless bra - this makes it so much easier for stylists to put you in any outfits during the shoot.

8. Never dye your hair, use a tanning bed, or spray tan the day before a photo shoot. Things can go awfully wrong!

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